Fleet Services Survey

For each of the following topics below, please rate how strongly you agree or disagree that it is a priority or top concern for your fleet.

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1. Reducing overall costs *

2. Workforce shortages and staffing difficulties *

3. Making further progress towards building a more sustainable fleet *

4. External global/national market and political factors such as: supply chain disruptions, inflation, recession fears, etc. *

5. Increasing fleet safety *

6. Considering or implementing an on-site mobile fueling solution *

7. Investing in initial or additional EVs *

8. Implementing a telematics solution *

9. Establishing a fleet card program *

10. Achieving company ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals *

11. Finding new solutions to make your fleet more efficient *

What additional priorities would you include?

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Which industry trends are you currently monitoring closely?

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